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The importance of an effective corporate culture and framework for corporate governance in any business has become more evident in recent years, and chiefs and managers (executive and non-executive) have become more aware of their duties and responsibilities as company directors.

In general, according to the size of the company, the daily business of the company is managed by the management team (which may include executives and senior management employees), and these actions, even if they meet some requirements,, the importance of good planning, preparation, and effective operation must be recognized and followed up by Board and Executive Committee.

At AKKADIA for Information technology we will

Review and advice companies and their managers on good corporate governance practices and frameworks as it is easy for any business to move from year to year within established operational practices, especially in recent years where the ever-changing business environment has always been a quiet challenge for any business. However, the need to sit back and review established practices to determine if they are “fit for purpose” (examples of areas that may have changed in recent years are; risk records and internal control procedures for companies, the development of information technology, And the application of international standards, innovative controls, etc.).

The business environment is constantly changing, in both legislative and organizational terms, the need to ensure that managers are aware of their duties and responsibilities as managers. At Akkadia Information Technology, we can assist in such training and development programs by providing regular briefings to the Board of Directors.


Many companies are now required to comply, and comply with standards at least annually, with enhanced and / or additional regulatory requirements. This additional maintenance and due diligence can place very heavy demands on any business. In our company, we have experience in establishing, maintaining, reviewing and proving compliance.


Using the best global frameworks leading in corporate governance

1- COBIT 2019
3- ISO

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