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About Us

Akkadia For Information Technology was established in 2020 and its headquarters is in Baghdad, to support organizations in their IT solutions. We provide a range of IT services designed to increase business productivity. Depending on the best experiences to implement all technical and consulting solutions to hosted solutions. Our focus is to provide integrated IT solutions in organizations in response to their needs. We believe that technology should help organizations grow and thrive. Our goal is to achieve this.

((We are different)) We are not sellers of any solution or technology for selling purpose only. We are not a technology services company that makes you feel that you do not know what is happening. Instead, we provide a technology service designed for you, to achieve the rapid growth and expertise needed to build on strong foundations, with a desire to help solve your technology challenges, so you can focus on the best in business management.

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Goals & Vision

Our Goals

  • Adopting the best technology for growth and prosperity.
  • Reduce the costs of IT services.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Providing a business platform for today and for the future.
  • Gain peace of mind with secure technology services.
  • Committed to continuing provide leadership


Our Vision

Create an environment that allows all employees and society to easily access information technology and resources in your organization by providing the best and most secure solutions, according to best practices and experiences to provide the best results, and to be (we and your organization) the best, (not one of the best) in information technology



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