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Concept Of Building Management

Building Management System (BMS)

Big data management

The concept of building management system, whether for hotels, offices, homes, or commercial centers, is used to control and manage the heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and shading control systems. , Refrigeration units, frequency converters and heat pumps.


With these capabilities, the building management system provides the ability to manage multiple components at the same time to obtain a complete approach to improving and reducing construction costs, which makes building management very easy by controlling through software applications. Akkadia Company uses the best global control devices by specialized engineers in the field of control and through its partners in the management of building management systems.


Human Resources management Systems provide the means to acquire, store, analyze and distribute information to various stakeholders. The HRMS can improve traditional processes and enhance strategic decision making. By covering all the tasks associated with HR departments, including tracking and improving process efficiency, managing the organizational hierarchy and streamlining financial transactions of all types. In short, just as the role of HR departments may expand and complicate, HR systems have also evolved to suit these needs.

Data Center Solutions & Fire Fighting System

Data Center Solutions

The data center in technology-dependent organizations is the most that must be protected because it contains all the technical assets of the organization and the loss of these assets leads to significant material and moral losses. For the purpose of securing the data center, physical and technical security and safety must be provided by following the best international standards and applying the best engineering solutions, which include (fire suppression system, floating sensors, data logger, temperature sensor, air conditioning systems, etc.)


By relying on the best experiences and leading companies in this field, our company provides the solutions described below.


FM200 FM-200 Fire Fighting System

According to the Montreal Convention in 1986, it decided not to use halogen gas that is harmful to the environment. Therefore FM200 has a high extinguishing efficiency and is not harmful to the environment. It is also an ideal alternative to extinguishing halogen gas. Therefore, the FM-200 extinguishing system is used because it is colorless, which is liquid and compressed gas. And it is stored as a liquid, it is chosen because it is not affected by steam where it is clear and does not obscure the vision and does not displace the oxygen gas and therefore it is safer to use in voids without fear of oxygen deprivation used to protect the targeted areas such as rooms for computers and telecommunications. The solution’s 7% lower concentration of risk, the high level of individual safety and lack of toxicity make it an excellent choice. The storage space of the required cylinder is very little, and that it distributes gas in an equal way inside the room, and its droplets are calculated hydraulically by ensuring that the gas reaches every place inside the room.

It consists of a storage cylinder, a liquid check valve, a compressed tube hose, vertical tubes, selective valves, a mesh, a sprinkler and an automatic control in the extinguishing process